Gazprom threats, to music

Moscow Military District Glee Club sings of gas squeeze

It’s that time of year again when all across Europe — particularly in the east — people start fretting about gas supplies from the energy superpower next door.

Traditionally, it all kicks off with a pay dispute between Russia and Ukraine, though that looks like it might be averted this year. However, there’s a new mismatch on the cards: Russia v Belarus. It’s hard to predict whether this will turn out to be the usual hardball haggling and get resolved before its consequences spread; or, like last year’s set-to with the Ukraine, it escalates and has severe consequences for several countries when the taps are turned off.

In any case, it is good to know that the Russians have a sense of humour about it all, albeit a dark one. I guess this winning song from the Moscow Military District’s glee club is their satirical equivalent of something like Mel Brooks singing Springtime for Hitler…but with an edge as those are real soldiers in real uniforms.